Monday, March 23, 2009

First ever Howard Street Handmade a success!

Well, let's just say, that it was nothing short of amazing. Although I only got to spend a couple of hours with Ellen and our booth, what I saw was both inspiring and motivational! Ellen and I promptly went home and started discussing the future of the business, how we want to make sure that we are a beacon for not only well constructed and fully functional pieces of art, but also that we maintain a socially and environmentally conscience way of thinking.

What started as a little notion inside of wonderful Jodi's head, (Short Street Cakes) has become a great craft market. Someone said that we were the "best vibe in Asheville" of the day, and we're already getting more applications for the next Howard Street Handmade on April 18. Let's just say, that we are going to keep uber busy for the next couple of weeks! Which is totally fine with me!

Thanks to Katie and Zen for the photos! Click here to go to the Howard Street Handmade blog and to check out some of the artists that were there!

And to read an article from the Asheville Citizen Times... click here!

Ellen is totally covered up with our quilts! I love it!

Piece Out,
Michie Lee

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