Monday, February 2, 2009

Down Twitter-Bird!

Wow--Michie is on the road and all about updating the Twitter! In honor of her new-found love of twittering and her constant take to the skies, I have decided to make this post about my favorite bird-related things.

1. This Burton jacket! It's a little hard to see, but there are all these sweet little birds on a wire perched all over the jacket.
2. "The Littlest Bird" by The Be Good Tanyas.
3. Spool's bird mobile--I made one for my new niece, Annabelle. I'll post pictures just as soon as Annabelle gets to the oxygen-part of this world (as opposed to the womb-part) and I make it back down to SC.
4. "Winter's Come and Gone" by Gillian Welch.
5. The Bountiful Cities Project's Annual Birdhouse Project (by way of Jodi's blog!) Hmm...I wonder if they'll accept a quilt of a birdhouse?
6. "Blackbirds" by Erin McKeown...starting to get a little idea of my musical tastes? :)
7. The Littlest Birds--a great little children's shop here in Asheville. Something tells me someone else loves The Be Good Tanyas....
8. Joel Dewberry's Aviary collection...I think I need 20 yards of the Almond-colored sparrows.
9. "Texas" by Po' Girl...ok it's not bird-related but Michie had to fly to get there!
10. The bird quilt I'm about to start working on for Annabelle!

Ok, that's all for now.

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