Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Big Crafty!

And this is why we choose to live in probably the most amazing place for artists...Today's awesome event: THE BIG CRAFTY!    Ellen and I grabbed our friend Laura, and headed down to Pack Place this afternoon! 

This was my very first Big Crafty event... and I was awe-struck!  There were 
so many amazing artists there, and everyone was in the holiday mood, that although it was way packed (which of course was a good thing), everyone was super nice.  We even ran into a few faces that we recognized, which being fairly new to the whole Asheville world of craft, was pretty spectacular.

A couple of ya'll asked if we actually had a booth at the show this year, and although we didn't, we are already stoked about the next one.  I think I can speak for both Ellen and I, when I say we are really excited to be apart of this community, and look forward to knowing everyone.

But I have to do some mad shout-outs to some new artists that I met/saw today!

Buncombe Belt Buckles!  Visit their etsy account here!  They were rockin' a sewing machine money clip, which or course was a big hit with us sewin' folk.  I was craving a belt buckle, to complete the look of total crafty
 nerdiness, but opted out for the moment... Although I might have to start collecting buckles now, if they are all going to rock like this Beaver one... :)  They also have some vegan belts!

Sweet Mess -- Visit them at here! They had really amazing Christmas Ornaments... that we don't have to pack away after the Holidays!  A picture of our new ornament on our sweet little tree soon!

And last but not least...

Miss Fitt & Co. - Which make felted hats and other warm accessories.  Didn't get a a chance to purchase myself a hat... but would really dig one for Christmas... hint hint! 

I wish I could throw mad props to everyone there!  I'm sure Ellen will post some of her favorites too!  But for now, I've got some sewing to get to!

Piece Out!
Michie Lee

P.S. - Carrie, this updated post is for you!

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